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Utah Light Works Is Well-Equipped to Make Your Trees & Gardens Shine

Trees and shrubs well-lit with beautiful holiday lights are the product of skilled laborers with the right equipment. When you want your tall trees expertly wrapped in lights, ladders just won’t due. Our workers are tree guys, meaning they’re skilled climbers, skilled on ladders and skilled crane operators. By adding on our tree wrapping services you’re entire neighborhood will be enchanted.

We Love Using Your Trees and Gardens As Our Canvas

How did they do that? On occassion you’ll see that one stand-out property with beautifully lit large trees and a well-planned lighting design throughout the gardens. Utah Light Works is the company that can delivery your dream holiday winter wonderland! We have the equipment, expert crews and top-quality light products!

Our designers will meet with you, listen to your ideas, and we’ll share some of ours. When you think about your yard, picture three horizontal layers. Each should have a level of lighting nearly equivalent to the others. The first level lighting is the pathways and ground lights. The second level is the shrubs, bushes and small trees. The final level includes the lights in the larger trees.

After putting a plan together, Utah Tree Works will go to work like Santa’s elves. You’ll be able to simply sit back in the warmth of your home and watch the transformation in progress outside. You’ll eagerly await nightfall when the lights go on!

Praise for Utah Tree Works

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